JB Systems Matrix LED

JB Systems Matrix LED

A very powerful, mind blowing, LED effect.

Each of the 256 LEDs can be controlled independently to obtain the most amazing light display! Different working modes are selectable on the unit’s internal menu. Create amazing text patterns, geometric figures or dynamic scanning, scrolling, rolling and rotating or simply select one of the Matrix’s built in programs This light has a massive coverage because of its big lens and has all the usual advantages of LED lights with low power consumption and no lamp replacement.

Use the light in stand-alone mode or with a CA8 remote control. For more control, select one of the several DMX modes and use one of our controllers.

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Product Description

Control & Programming:
This device was designed to produce decorative effect lighting and is used in light show systems.
A very powerful LED effect.
Via DMX each of the 256 power LEDs (R=64 + G=64 + B=64 + W=64) can be controlled independently
Different working modes selectable via the 4-digit LED-display
Standalone: sound activated shows with internal microphone
Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows
Optional C8 remote controller available
Via 256 DMX channels you can create text patterns, geometric figures, scanning/rolling/rotating and zooming effects
The 1 channel DMX mode makes operation extremely easy
With the 4 channel DMX mode gives you full control over all built-in programs.
Extremely brilliant colours compared to effects with halogen lamps
No lamp replacements! Virtually no heat production and very low power consumption
0-100% dimming and ultra-fast strobe function
Equipped with big optical lens for maximum light output and wide 54° beam angle

Dimensions: 242 x 270 x 215 mm
Weight: 4.0 kg

Light Source:
LED’s: 256 = 64 Red, 64 green, 64 Blue, 64 White

Mains Input: AC 230V 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 29 Watts