Crown CE1000

Crown CE1000

Crown® CE Series amplifiers provide professional audio amplification for a wide range of applications, including digital cinema. The amplifiers are very affordable, and feature frontpanel controls for easy setup and use. They can be removed for security.

Modern power amplifiers are sophisticated pieces of engineering capable of producing extremely high power levels. They must be treated with respect and correctly installed if they are to provide the many years of reliable service for which they were designed.
In addition, CE Series amplifiers include a number of features which require some explanation before they can be used to their maximum advantage.

1.1 Features
• Accurate, undistorted sound.
• Bridge-mono/stereo mode switch allows you to set up your amps/speakers in the configuration that best suits your needs.<br />
• Versatile; handles a wide range of speaker impedances and outputs.<br />
• Advanced protection circuitry guards against shorted outputs, open circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, high-frequency overloads and internal<br />

• Genuine Neutrik® Speakon® connectors.<br />
• Choice of 1/4-inch, XLR or barrier strip inputs.<br />
• Removable front-panel level control knobs.<br />
• Selectable input sensitivity.<br />
• Proportional-speed fan optimizes cooling efficiency.<br />
• Can be mounted in EIA standard 19-in. (48.3-cm) rack, shallow 14-in. (35.5) rack, or stacked on top of each other.

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